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Watch Ketezegaw Dose Part 21: “Almot Bay” (Part 2)

Ketezegaw Dose Police Procedural (Crime) TV Series on EBS


Ketezegaw Dose Police Procedural (Crime) TV Series on EBS
Genre: Crime, Mystery (based on true stories)
Country: Ethiopia
Language: Amharic
Writer & Producer: Aster Getachew
Executive producer: Michael Abate
Script supervisor: Dinksiraw Dereje
Creator: Dawit Wassihun
Director: Aster Getachew
Camera & editing: Dawit Wassihun
Production company: Ezra Entertainment
Original channel: Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS)

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Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS) is a privately held media company established in 2008 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA to provide a niche transmission programming that targets the booming Ethiopian market globally.

Ethiopian Broadcasting Service aims to promote Ethiopian and other African countries’ values, cultures and traditions on a global scale. The much-needed information provided by Ethiopian Broadcasting Service would help bridge the cultural divide and narrow the communication gap for Ethiopians residing in North America and around the world. Ethiopian Broadcasting Service prides itself on providing quality programs pertaining to the rich cultural heritage of Ethiopia, its history, tradition, socio-economic development, business, tourism and current affairs.

Ethiopian Broadcasting Service’s mission is to be the leader in entertainment and infotainment mass media, serving Ethiopians residing around the world. The television platform will play a great role as a tool for businesses and various organizations to reach the Ethiopian community globally.

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