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The political honchos of nation states are once again gathering to discuss matters concerning the ever-changing climate; we might add, without much increased interest. The main objective of Bonn (COP 23) is to work on the implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. As usual, the discussion will most likely conclude regurgitating the old vacuous declarations. To expect any meaningful enforceable measures from the states might well be naive. On the other hand and besides the direct consequences of climate change, the planet is also undergoing ecosystem collapse, unprecedented in its recent geological history. Unexpected phenomena continue to appear all over the planet, baffling scientists and researchers. Obviously this is what happens when the upright ape takes it upon itself to play ‘God’ !See the articles next column on page 41 & 44.
The major obstacles to the implementation of meaningful measures to counter at least the visible/obvious causes of climate change are entrenched dominant interests. In other words, the main culprit against a sustainable livelihood to humans and a general well being to the biosphere is, transnational capital and its greedy human managers. The core states themselves (OECD) are part and parcel of the problem. These states are, probably the most effective weapons transnational capital has at its disposal to frustrate the sheeple’s (human mass) initiative to combat climate change. Banks, multinational corporations, international/domestic institutions of economic/political governance, educational institutions, media, entertainment industries, etc., all work to sustain the destructive system, whatever the consequences, so it seems. That is why we call these collectives ‘entrenched interests’. Without some serious alterations in the workings of these institutions, significant measures to alleviate the complex environmental problems affecting the planet will remain a pipedream! The UN initiative via Climate Change Conferences (COP) can serve as a forum or a talking shop, but hardly any real achievements can come out of it! We believe serious changes can only come about from concerted efforts of the global sheeple. Currently, it is only committed intellectuals/activists who are seriously engaged in trying to find various modalities to help achieve all round sustainability!
Not long ago, apartheid (legally/legalistically enforced racial segregation) reigned in South Africa and for the most part transnational capital was its close ally. What brought down apartheid were the contributions of the myriad (human) agents of liberation. Besides the obvious frontline warriors, like the majority of South Africans/ANC; the ‘divestment movement’ that took hold of the global sheeple made a great impact on the liberation effort. By exposing multinationals that were in cahoots with the racist system, the peaceful struggle of the sheeple ushered a new way of human cooperation. We believe such solidarity must now be revived to save our precarious blue planet. Encouragingly, the climate change movement has already started the divestment initiative, but it needs to go further and advocate the actual boycotting of products and their makers, particularly of the major culprits behind the planet’s comprehensive devastation!
In general, civil disobedience is a major strategy that should be immediately employed to help secure planetary life and its life support systems. The idea of sustainability is no more adequate. Sustainability has become a lame theme in the hands of entrenched interests and their misleading/dangerous global institutions, not excluding the UN system. We cannot remain polite or be politically correct when the planet burns! To recall, civil disobedience was emphatically and effectively used (in the political context) by Mahatma Gandhi to help achieve the independence of the Indian subcontinent from British colonialism. Practically the same approach can be used to challenge the prevailing stupid dead end economic paradigm/narrative of endless growth fuelled by unadulterated pure greed. Endless growth on a finite planet is an absolute absurdity and the whole world knows that, but propagandists on the pay are feverishly working to dispel this obvious logic! See Smith’s article on page 44. We should have no illusion; what is at stake today is the very survival of planetary life. To anyone with a grain of brain the choice is simple and clear. Either we abandon or greatly modify the prevailing greed system or we perish trying to protect its lunacy! Time is running out and the global sheeple must resolve this life and death issue on its own, before we pass the point of no return. Relying on entrenched interests and their dogmatic institutions for salvation will be a great historical error on the part of collective humanity!
Centuries ago the old revolutionary anticipated (in his writings) the opportunism that is now in all societies. Currently and unfortunately, the sheeple has to deal with, both ‘useful’ and ‘useless’ idiots, ranging from paid scientists to dehumanized zombies, willfully and blindly serving the destructive regime. ‘When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime.’ Thomas Paine (1737-1809.) In regards to the continuous chattering of the politicos(on behalf of transnational capital) in the regular COPS:“Despite the hype, the Paris agreement will fail to deliver. Politicians say it is a fair and ambitious deal – yet it is the complete opposite. People are being deceived.” Dipti Bhatnagar, Friends of the Earth International. Good Day!

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