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Ethiopian Green Coffee Body Cream

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About the product
Firming body cream
Moisturizes, smoothens, and visibly tones skin
86% agreed that skin looks and feels firmer
Awakening, refreshing, light scent
User trial: 100 women after 4 weeks
The Body Shop Spa of the World Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream is a invigorating, 100% vegan, firming body cream enriched with green coffee for its high caffeine content, which is renowned for its refining, firming & toning properties. The green coffee is hand-harvested from the beautiful Kaffa region, known around the world as ‘the home of coffee’, where coffee drinking plays a huge part in traditional Ethiopian culture. Our silky soft body cream effortlessly melts into the skin when massaged, leaving skin feeling toned, firmer and smoother. Use this delicate and freshly fragranced firming body cream as step 3 part of our Spa of the World Firming Ritual.

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